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We strive to fulfil our customer's specific needs for home, commercial, and industrial automation.




Automation Outfitters, L.L.C. was started in February of 2005 with the goal of becoming the leader in the residential, commercial, and industrial automation industry in the region. With over 35 years of combined experience in the technology industry, we stand ready to achieve any goals our customers may have. We ease the professional burden by information and resources that help them accomplish the goals of their businesses.

At Automation Outfitters we pledge to provide exceptional quality and unmatched customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers and partners.

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Our goal at Automation Outfitters is simple — extraordinary customer service as we meet our customer’s needs. We accomplish this by providing information and resources to them that frees them up to address their core goals, and by partnering with organizations that are as committed to quality as we are.

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